Athens Premium Cleaning

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Athens Premium Cleaning

Καθαρισμός & Φροντίδα
 Χειροποίητων Χαλιών
Carpets Cleaning  Carpets Repairs  Upholstery Cleaning Mattress Cleaning & Sanitation  Quilts & Blankets Cleaning  Baby Items Cleaning Cleaning of Commercial Premises

Specialized Cleaning Services for all the things you love!


Handmade Carpets Cleaning & Care

Specialization, Expertise, Respect. Basic principles that govern and characterize us, so that we know the timeless value of a handmade carpet.


Carpet Cleaning

Ecological cleaning of carpets is a necessary and specialized process, which ensures in-depth cleanliness and maintenance.


Carpet Repairs

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that with the possibilities provided by technology, in combination with our vast experience, no repair is considered impossible !!


Upholstery Cleaning

Restores the brightness and vibrancy of fabrics and reserves the upholstery clean for you and your family.


Mattress Cleaning & Sanitation

We offer the most comprehensive - appropriate mattress cleaning service using a machine with strong vibration and suction.


Quilts & Blankets Cleaning

Our favorite quilts and blankets kept us warm all winter, so it's time to take care of them, cleaning them in-depth.


Baby Care Cleaning

APC, with full responsibility undertakes the cleaning of all baby items with full safety and hygiene using validated and most ecological detergents.


Cleaning of Commercial Premises

APC specialized staff comes to your place, for the proper cleaning of your commercial premises, with biodegradable cleaning products, for every surface.