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Carpet Repairs

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Carpet Repairs

The frequent use of carpets, the passage of time and the often inappropriate way of washing them, results in their wear in several spots. The most vulnerable of these and the most common damages are observed in the rails and the fringes. Their extensive wear not only leads to unsightly spectacle but can be the beginning of the destruction of the entire carpet.

In this context, our company provides, responsibly and above all guaranteed, a series of solutions in repairs and aesthetic interventions. Indicatively some of them are:

– binding on handmade carpets
– binding in machine carpets
– application of latex coating (lamination)
– change dimensions according to your wishes
– repair in holes
– repair of tears
– replacement in machine fringes
– replacement in hand type fringes
– replacement in fringes entirely handmade in various designs and colors

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that with the possibilities provided by technology, in combination with our vast experience, no repair is considered impossible !!