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Mattress Cleaning & Sanitation

It is a fact that one of the most common allergies that afflict us in our daily lives are mites. Mites are small particles that disperse into the environment in the form of dust and are harmful allergens. These microorganisms, invisible to the naked eye, survive in mattresses, carpets, sofas, pillows, plush toys and wherever else the accumulation of dust in the house is favored. They feed mainly on human dead cells. A mattress can contain 2,000,000 mites. Their reproduction is rapid and their danger lies in their feces, which are lighter than air, so that every time we move to our bed, the mattress acts as a blower and launches them into our mouth, nose and skin. It is proven that 35% of the total population develops a mite allergy at some point in their lifetime. The most common symptoms are rhinitis, conjunctivitis, itching, redness, cough, runny nose, bronchial asthma and headache.

Research has shown that the dirtiest part of our home is our mattress, where we spend the 1/3 of our lives. This is because the options we have to clean it ourselves are extremely limited and ineffective, as opposed to certified professionals who have the appropriate professional equipment.

Cleaning is not just about the old mattresses, as it has been proven that 6 months of using a new mattress is enough for the number of mites to reach harmful levels.

In this context, APC applies to the cleaning of mattresses the most appropriate, professional and ecological method of triple protection without the use of chemicals. Our trained team always comes to your place with respect, discretion and responsibility and applies all techniques with absolute safety and hygiene for infants, children, adults and pets as it has certificates from international organizations WOOLSAFE ORGANIZATION, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS and the institute IICRC. The following are brief steps:


Sweeping on both sides with a special machine that produces strong vibration and vortexing and in combination with its powerful suction removes from every surface mold spores, mites and their feces reaching a depth of 20cm without escaping any microorganisms in the air since it uses HEPA filters.


Then with the dry steam generator which reaches 160 C we achieve the sterilization and antisepsis of the surface from bacteria, viruses, germs, bed bugs, causing them thermal shock. We point out that dry steam differs from a common commercial steam cleaner as it achieves much higher temperatures so that it does not leave moisture on your mattress.


Finally, for optimal results, we use the UVC lamp in combination to neutralize microorganisms, bacteria and all kinds of parasites. It is an effective, active but at the same time 100% safe method. UVC radiation has been shown to exterminate even the most resistant microorganisms, even those that survive on strong disinfectants. This is because this radiation manages to partition their DNA so that they can not infect and grow further.

In addition, according to major mattress manufacturers, moisture in the mattress is prohibited. However if for any reason or accident (large amount of urine from humans or pets, flood, bleeding, mold, etc.) washing is inevitable. In this case, it is recommended to apply the three steps provided by the triple dry cleaning mentioned above to ensure the internal hygiene of the mattress and then wash with an EXTRACTION machine with the minimum possible humidity with ecological detergents.

So pay the attention it deserves, to the cleaning of your mattress as a quality sleep does not depend only on its duration !!!